TED X Genius


Conscious Entrainment via Education, Motivation, and Inspiration


Greatnees In = Greatness Out. By utilizing music as a canvas and intelligent ideas as the pigments, the listener is able to associate learning with enjoyment. The canvas allows for increased repetition, and repitition is the mother of all learning.

Ok. But Why?

Einstein is quoted as saying, "We cannot fix the problems we have with the same consciousness that created them." Every person is a genius, yet if the seed is not nurtured and developed, then it becomes incapacitated from the enviorment it is in.

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By placing diffrent information in to the mind of the individual it will allow the indvidual to have greater thoughts and produce higher order solutions. This is in accordance with Peter Diamandis illustration of nations wanting to have the most educated popuilation, to increase the prosperity of those that are involved.

What do you want?

The poorest girl in Calcutta to live as a queen. In case I have to comeback to this planet as the poorest girl in Calcutta. All projects that Raelivision works on are always in alignment with this objective. Thank you and Be Blessed, A.I.O.S.